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July 12, 2019
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Driveway - Telematics App

Curing Car Crashes

Driveway is a software patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology focused on mobility and helping ordinary drivers become safer drivers.

Driveway provides a cloud analytics platform and mobile apps that deliver a cost-effective, frictionless driver safety scoring and Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solution for top insurers and mobility companies globally. Driveway is on a mission to reduce distracted driving, improve mobility and save lives.

My role: I worked very closely with the company's founder & CTO, CEO and Director of Operations. I was the Lead UX Designer (research, interaction design, visual design) and collaborated with the offshore Development team making sure all style guides, branding and visual elements were implemented as needed.

How It Works

Driveway’s patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology measures safe and unsafe driving behaviors automatically right from a user's smartphone.

Driveway is a robust, smartphone-deployed, cloud-based technology that provides auto insurers with comprehensive insured driving data for better pricing intelligence – maximizing the opportunity for lower loss ratios and higher profits. No plug-in device and no driver interaction is required. Driveway’s software automatically detects car trips and measures driving behavior.

Driveway helps ordinary drivers become safe drivers, and helps insurance companies find and reward them.

The Process & Deliverables


The Challenge:

To increase user engagement by improving existing features and implementing new customized solutions that could provide a platform that would service all or most of our user's vehicle valuable information such as: crash detection and reconstruction, accident scene assistance, safe-driver leaderboards and peer comparison, car ownership experience portal, digital glovebox, car health and automated maintenance tracking, recall notifications, and automated business mileage expensing.

Proposed Enhancements:

Following the lessons we learned from improving the discoverability by making simple changes, we asked ourselves: what are the simplest changes we can make to the UI to make the experience more intuitive? We started by creating consistency between both iOS and Android platforms to make sure the experience was seamless across all devices. We also made the manual language buttons much more visible by changing their shape and color, and even gave it a more descriptive text label.

One Visual Language for All

The innovative and fresh design of Driveway's White label style guide was created by challenging ourselves to bring to life a common visual language for designers and developers, based on modular design.

Our cross-portfolio goal is to present harmony and unity in our products by creating a similar visual interface experience based on strength and boldness, alongside confidence and innovation.

Driveway's Style Guide


Driveway’s patented technology combines sensor fusion, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to sense car trips and driver aggressiveness without the need for plug-in hardware. Driveway’s intellectual property established the foundation for solving the hard problems that make smartphone UBI possible, including:

Scalability: The goal was to render a platform on the cloud which can be easily scaled to suit the client’s needs.
White Label: Cost effective design template for iOS and Android that get insurers to market in 90 days.
Intelligence: Our battle-tested SDK can power a partner’s mobile app behind the scenes. Drop it in and get it going.

As a result, Driveway secured the two largest smartphone telematics opportunities last year:

• Driveway’s Usage Based Insurance partnership with Telematics deal in 2017.
• Driveway selected to power California road charging pilot – could lead to 20+ million cars.
• Strong pipeline with over $100 million in annual revenue opportunity. Includes top US and global insurers.

Driveway is now the trusted platform of choice, from start-ups to enterprises, including some of today's largest Insurance companies.