Momento – Dashboard UI
April 7, 2017
LendFoundry – Web App
March 27, 2017


The FinTech marketplace lending website.

Growing rapidly since its launch in 2013, LendFoundry announced that it has ramped up the product significantly in the last one year, establishing it amongst the most powerful lending platforms available in market for lenders today. It has added new modules and a host of pre-built integrations with major FinTech platforms.

The platform is being built to serve the lending marketplace and it is now the trusted platform of choice, from start-ups to enterprises, including some of today’s largest online marketplace lending companies.

By having a website that potentially thousands of people are going to see, we wanted to be able to influence people’s decisions and educate them on LendFoundry's services and with a simplified architecture and a clean design we achieved our goal.

Web Presence Needed

LendFoundry’s truly modern, scalable and state-of-art tech-platform empowers lenders to focus solely on their portfolio performance.

Our research indicated that our team needed a website that reflected simplicity and scalability with a design that would travel all across the different devices.

Website was build as a responsive WordPress-based platform, that includes custom back-end and front-end solutions, ie.:
  • Responsive layout
  • Custom WordPress template & CMS
  • Full-screen imagery
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Detailed product presentation

  • Sketching & Wireframing

    I did some initial sketching on pen and paper. After some review and iteration, the CTO and I worked close on creating some more detailed wireframes using Sketch and UXpin.

    The key here was to design, review and iterate until we had a smooth user experience. LendFoundry's Desktop Application branding was used as the guideline to create a slick, modern UI.


    LendFoundry's Web Presence

    LendFoundry provides all the tools lenders need to be successful, facilitate customer management, compliance, reporting, authentication and security, marketing, and enable a unified search functions.

    We created a clean, clear and cohesive website that represented LendFoundry's identity and a product landing page that informs customers about our features and encourages potential customers to schedule a demo.